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Stephenson Institute for Classical Liberalism Dedicated

Surrounded by trustees and special guests, Richard J Stephenson ’62, his wife, Dr. Stacie J. Stephenson, and members of the Stephenson family officially dedicated the Stephenson Institute for Classical Liberalism at Wabash College.

The Institute was founded by Richard J. Stephenson, a philanthropist and entrepreneur who is committed to a free society.

“As we officially dedicate this home for the Stephenson Institute for Classical Liberalism, we extend our sincere appreciation to the Stephenson family, with a special nod to our loyal son, Dick Stephenson,” said President Feller at the ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 10. “Your visionary leadership and unparalleled generosity have paved the way for a brighter future for Wabash.”

Established in 2021, the Stephenson Institute for Classical Liberalism is a non-partisan, student-focused resource center. It provides teaching, learning, and research opportunities for motivated students and faculty at the College and beyond who share an interest in the operations and implications of a free society.

“Thank you everyone for being here to commemorate this momentous occasion,” said Stephenson. “天下足球网,球探比分 especially want to thank those here at Wabash who have helped to make my dream of many decades – this Institute – a reality.”

Stephenson also thanked his son and fellow Wabash graduate, Dr. Christopher Stephenson ’87, who is a major donor to the College and the Stephenson Institute.

Drawing on the experience of legendary Wabash Trustee Pierre Goodrich and Economics Professor Benjamin Rogge, the Stephenson Institute celebrates Wabash’s tradition of exploring ideas over ideology. 

“Classical Liberalism is an intellectual tradition that seeks to recognize and understand the important role of individual liberty in human history and human civilization,” said Stephenson Institute Director Dan D’Amico. “Classical liberalism is the study of freedom. Hence, every academic discipline is welcome and encouraged to participate in this pursuit.”

D’Amico began his work at Wabash in July 2022 bringing thought- and conversation-provoking programs, scholars, and guest speakers to campus.

“Dr. D’Amico is already building an international reputation for the Institute through its student programs and research output,” Stephenson said. “Under Dan’s leadership, the Stephenson Institute for Classical Liberalism is providing Wabash men with the rich, stimulating intellectual adventure I had the privilege of experiencing as a Wabash student… Like me, they will discover that the timeless principles of classical liberalism will help them become the best versions of themselves – and the world will be better for it.”

Guests at the ribbon-cutting ceremony also had the opportunity to tour the Institute’s home on Grant Avenue and appreciate the fine furnishings generously donated by trustee Peter ’68 and Carol Kennedy and his daughter, Sarah Dolce Kennedy, from their Chaddock Design house. Guests were able to meet representatives from The Remnant Trust who displayed original and historic printings of some of the most foundational pieces of literature from across the long history of classical liberalism.